VR Math is an educational software specialized for VR headsets. It helps students understand 3D geometry via Virtual Reality.
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  • “Its extraordinary, futuristic, surreal…”

  • “Very eye-catching, it really involved me in the class”

  • “Surprising how easy it was to understand geometry via 3D visualization”

  • “We didn’t just imagine it…The objects were HERE!!”

  • “Well, it’s mind-blowing... I left the real (?) world behind and enjoyed a whole new world”


VR Math makes mathematics education more intuitive, fun and interactive.

Classroom and individual mode

Students can either follow a teacher’s stream or discover the objects themselves.

50+ objects

… and still increasing. Specifically made for high school students.

Create your own world

Numerous options for visuals, objects and backgrounds

Create your own objects

With our special tool, you get the chance to create own objects for yourself and your students

Platform-free solution

You can use VR Math with any smarthpone and any VR headsets.

Customize your VR experience

We can help you with tailormade designs in case you would like a ‘Just for you’ headset


  • How can I start using it

    The app is coming soon to the Play Store, AppStore, Amazon and Samsung's Gear VR marketplaces.

  • What tools, gadgets do i need to use it?

    You only need a smartphone and a VR headset. To get the best experience we advice you to use a smartphone with fullHD or better resolution screen.

  • Do you sell suitable VR headsets?

    Not yet, but please check back to the website for further information.

  • Can I create my own 3D objects in the app?

    Not yet, but if there is a need for self creating objects, we are going to add it to a later release.

  • Is it a problem if my students don't speak English?

    Not at all. If they are familiar with their own smartphones, they are going to be able to handle the app, too.



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