is an interactive educational
application helping students
understand 3D geometry, graphs
and vectors - via Virtual and
Augmented Reality.


VR MATH is helping students to see 3D geometry. Ever had
problem seeing solids drawn on a white board? Download
the app and enjoy 3D geometry. As a teacher, be your
students' virtual guide, help them to understand and see.



Virtual classroom

just like a real classroom


students can practice at their own pace

Learning packs

aligned to curriculum


on every student, how they progress


"We didn't imagine it...the objects were HERE!!"

Eva Crook

Elementary Student

"Surprising how easy it was to understand geometry via 3D visualisation."

Jack Tillman

Secondary Student

"Well, it's mind-blowing...I left the real(?) world behind and enjoyed a whole new world."

Ramsey Chen


"I just had to start the app and my students were seeing in 3D."

Susan Schmied

Mathematics teacher


VR Math is a licence based service. Students get it free, whilst teachers need to have a subscription to use the app's full potential.

For further info, please send us an e-mail.

VR Math is a part of VARP Edu, which is an educational platform for various subjects.

The Team

Balazs Koren

Head of Education

Balazs Marmarosi

Head of Business

Kornel Meszaros

Head of Development

Tamas Szucs

VR Classroom magician

Zsu Barna

UX sorcerer

Dani Hart

VR Dev

Arpad Dobos

VR Dev

Anna Radnothy


Robi Szalai

Backend wizard

David Galambos

Head of sales

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